Life Purpose

Greetings, this is Zapharel. Today we’d like to talk to you about discovering your life purpose. It is quite simple, because we all have the same purpose and that is to bring love into the world around us

Monique has permitted us to use her as an example. She has natural inclinations towards Sound Healing, Channeling and Tai Chi. These are good examples of activities in her life where she feels passion and where she recognizes that love flows through her and into the world around her. You can choose the passion that you put forth into the world, choose the one that feels the best to you. 

In Monique’s experience, channeling tends to be the most rewarding with the highest vibration and involves limitless topics that can be explored for herself and others by communicating with her guides. This surpasses all other activities because it creates the highest amount of joy, the highest vibration, resulting in the most substantial peace and happiness in her life.

A close second is sound healing. The moment one of the crystal quartz bowls rings out, a undeniable wave of peace emanates over her. This is a clear avenue for Monique to strengthen her abilities using the crystal singing bowls which can be shared with multitudes of people, whether in person or online with recordings.

The recognition that life purpose involves bringing love into the world has enabled Monique to identify, focus and develop clear goals which in turn led to the development of this website. 

What areas of your life generate the most sense of passion?

When do you feel enthusiasm? 

Do you acknowledge and pursue the things you feel passion towards? 

If you recognize that something gives you joy and can be shared to spread love in the world – this is your clear direction. You can not fail when you pursue activities that raise your vibration alongside those around you. 

What you’re doing – giving others glimpses of joy, peace and well-being – has the potential to spread love like a wildfire in the world. What the planet needs is a raise in vibration – more people helping one other by inspiration and upliftment. Whatever method you choose, and feels best to you, can be considered your life purpose. 

Tapping into this joy is as simple as being in the present moment. If you take a deep breath, look inside your heart, and connect with your guides in a quiet peaceful place, you can simply ask us and you will receive direction. 

Your angels and your guides know what’s best for you and they can nudge you towards a higher direction. And when that feels good to you, when you experience it as truth, you know you can move forward, take action, and start taking different steps. Include others and collaborate. 

The greatest feeling is to be enthusiastic and inspired, because this will fill you with joy, connection, and love. Anything you produce from this state is putting love into the world. 

Breathing through the heart

Greetings, loved ones, this is Archangel Zapharel. We would like to express wisdom about a technique we like to call Breathing Through the Heart.

Your heart is the key to connecting to your spirit guides. Many have hearts that are not open, which is a natural response to experiencing pain and hardship in your lifetime. When others hurt us, it is the ego’s response to guard and shield the heart. This guarding and shielding served it’s purpose for you at the time, but living out the lifespan with the heart in a guarded protected state is not serving our soul’s purpose.

When you open your heart to include love from spirit, then you no longer need to fear or protect yourself from earthy painful experiences. When you can connect to higher frequencies of love and light, then lower base emotions such as jealousy, ill-will towards others, and resentments will fall away. You will wish the best for others, whether you perceive them to have wronged you or not.

How to Breathe Through the Heart:

  • Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position with spine erect, take a deep breath and slowly exhale while dropping down into your heart.
  • Using your minds eye, visualize your heart centre as a green clockwise swirling ball of light.
  • Inhale deeply and follow your breath from your nostrils, down your windpipe, into your lungs, and let it connect with your swirling heart chakra.
  • As you exhale, imagine a beam of pure white light exiting out the front of your chest where it divides and surrounds you.

This white light is purifying your energy field and cleansing your aura. Continue this practice, inhaling, following your breath, and exhaling from your heart. Taking it a step further, visualize your heart’s door opening wide. Your heart chakra is becoming larger and more vibrant as you follow with your minds eye.

Inhalation reaching your heart and exhalation exiting your heart. This is Heart Breathing, and practicing daily, even for a short time, will heal your heart of past trauma, feed your heart with high vibrational light, and instill a sense of peace inside you.

Your heart is your centre and your receiver of information from spirit, higher self, ascended beings, and the universe beyond. Living a life with harmony and balance will allow you to overcome any obstacle, will keep your heart strong and stable, and allow for a witness state of consciousness. Wisdom lives in the heart, so connect with your heart, heal your heart, and listen closely to it. For any choices or direction you need, answers will be found in the heart. We are complete.

Discovering Angels

Loved ones, I wish to share with you a most significant discovery – a connection to personal spirit guides, angels who are always waiting to assist, provide support, encouragement, and unconditional love. Where else could one receive this caliber of gifts but by looking within? Are we humans capable of unconditional love for one another? When you can connect directly to spirit, you’ll receive all the love you need.

Your angels and guides can be found within your heart. Your vibration can be raised high enough to interpret their messages, and once this connection is formed, you will be on a glorious path to your soul’s fulfillment.

My name is Monique Looye and I’d like to share my biggest insights with you. After a highway motor vehicle collision, on a long slow road to recovery, unable to perform regular tasks, or indulge in my previous hobbies – I had nothing left to do but turn within. This pause in daily activities turned into the best thing that ever happened in my life. From feeling misunderstood, alone, and afraid, to being enveloped in the warmth of a reassuring angelic embrace was quite a shift, but it can happen to each and every one of us who desires such connections.